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Australian Craft Network

Dekoda Marketing is the platform which the majority of the national craft industry uses to showcase its individual branding.

A valuable tool for craft specialists, Australian Craft Network www.auscraftnet.com.au is a dedicated online directory offering cost-effective advertising for the craft industry.  

At Dekoda Marketing, our aim is to consolidate the national craft industry.  This online directory allows you to browse or to search for businesses or companies, and provides information on their product or services, as well as their contact details.

Profiling a craft business on a successful online directory has its benefits, in particular, when the network receives a minimum of 900,000 to 1.3 million hits per month.


Australian Craft Network encourages its clients to expand beyond the boundaries of traditional marketing strategies.  Considering online marketing campaigns can open your business to a world of consumers via the click of a button. 

Consisting of 130 craft categories, Australian Craft Network www.auscraftnet.com.au directs enquiries and prospective customers to your business by linking directly with people looking for your craft.

Network members can provide extra exposure for their business by submitting editorials, product reviews or products.  They can also advertise their upcoming releases, sales or special offers.

Dekoda Marketing makes Australian Craft Network online directory an integral part of your marketing strategy.  Call today or contact us now.

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