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Design Group

Dekoda Marketing creates and delivers logos.  We know the importance of design and innovation.

When marketing gurus speak about branding, they remind us not to mistake a business or company logo as branding.  A logo is only a piece of a business strategy; nevertheless, it's a vital symbol which can provide business and consumers with strong, instant brand recognition.

What does your business or company logo say about your organisation?

What if you don’t have a logo – logos can be used on everything from promotional materials, business communications to product packaging. 

At Dekoda Marketing, we suggest you develop your brand strategy before instigating the process of logo creation. Basically, without a consistent strategy, a logo can easily produce the wrong message and weaken your business strategy.

Design is not simply about how something looks, but how effective it works. An artist or creative individual may have difficulties defining major differences between a designer and an architect. In reality the differences merge into two common goals: design and innovation. 


1) Discuss your dream logo with our designers  
2) We produce four design concepts as samples and revisions
3) When you’re fully satisfied with your final logo, we will deliver a variety of formats


With Dekoda Marketing as a partner, you can focus on your business and entrust all facets of design onto us, while at the same time ensuring integrity of your product and intellectual property.