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Marketing Service Strategies

Dekoda Marketing can provide a consultation service to enhance your business performance.

A new business idea needs to translate into a fresh savvy concept.  It also needs to be feasible, manageable and practical. Thinking ‘outside the box’, Dekoda Marketing’s professional service is external to your business.  Our consultants have the expertise to produce an unbiased assessment. 

We will coordinate brainstorming sessions with your staff, conduct market research studies on branding, research awareness and perception, and report back to management with a range of viable options.

The overall marketing strategies which we employ are part of an integrated marketing approach. Our methodology commences with the development of a strategic marketing plan for your business which in reality, outlines an assessment of each of the elements of the promotional mix: Price, Place, Product and Promotion.


1.            Are you failing to orchestrate an effective marketing plan resulting in disjointed marketing efforts, rather than concise integrated approaches? What is your market niche?

2.            Are you attempting to be all things to a wide cross-section of people, instead of promoting a unique selling proposition to a targeted audience?

3.            Think you know everything about your competitors? Try developing a benchmark matrix which documents each facet of their service or product – know your market!

4.            Are you having difficulties maintaining a consistent marketing strategy, and at the same time, failing to maintain regular contact with your customers/clients? You are not building a relationship – there is no loyalty and failing to develop the most effective marketing tool – ‘word of mouth’

5.            Are you unable to respond to your customers/clients needs? Gain an understanding of their issues, have empathy, offer them realistic solutions, develop confidence and give a cause to take action.  In conclusion, you need to develop adovocates not simply “customers”.

As your marketing partner, Dekoda Marketing can help to free your resources to focus on developing and promoting your business. To understand the benefits of our marketing relationship, contact us.